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Let’s talk Commercial Laundry!

As dry cleaning and laundry business in India is evolving at a brisk growth rate at Wash and Save are offering feasible yet profitable business opportunity to aspiring franchisees. Franchising offers a huge opportunity to be your own boss minus the risks associated with starting a business from scratch.


Indian market is rapidly growing, you will see every strata of the society now scout for choices to 

keep their expensive and branded garments spick and span. Dry cleaning and laundry industry is 

turning out to be more organized than before, the industry is now set to offer quality services at 

affordable prices to regular customers and corporate clients.


There is a growing demand for high-quality services from urban customers. 

This has prompted few organized players like us to set up state-of- the-art laundry facilities at 

low costs with maximum return on investment and attain higher profit margins with key focus on 

quality service, convenience and best pricing in the industry.


As this business model rules the roost, we are set to offer the lucrative business prospects to franchisees

 and creating employment opportunities for like minded individuals and aim to work with

 Women entrepreneurs, housewives, retired active couples, budding entrepreneurs, professionals and others 

who believe in this business with commitment towards quality.


Whether you have previous laundry experience or are new to the industry, our trained staff

 will take you through every aspect of opening and operating your laundry efficiently and effectively.

So, all those who are waiting with bated breath to get into the business of dry cleaning 

and laundry industry, can now avail best of business opportunity by associating with Wash & Save .


Just when you thought laundry services couldn’t have gotten easier, Wash and Save introduces

 itself in a very unique and dynamic role in the laundry industry.

Wash & Save offers individual washing of your clothes, in a hygienic way, and offer quick delivery options.

Wash & Save employs energy saving methods like eco-friendly detergents and water efficient devices.

Applicable for all, experienced or novices to the laundry service, the Wash & Save team guides new

 partners through the process of setting up their own laundry business.

                                                                         World class facility

                                                              Top notch imported equipment

                                                                       Wash and fold services



The Easiest and Cleanest Investment is here for you!.

Everyone needs Clean Clothes and
It’s a necessity in Life.

Cash Business that pay in
advance with
little labor required.

Provides a Consistent
Source of Revenue.

Recession Proof
Business Investment.

Few or Almost
No Employees needed.

Enjoy whole Year Business with
No Seasonal Fluctuation.