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5 Ways to Take the Lead in Laundry Rooms

Make residents feel comfortable by maintaining a well-lit, well-kept area. Regularly scheduled laundry room cleaning and a few strategically 

placed trash cans go a long way to helping manage tidiness. If the space is feeling a bit rundown, a quick coat of paint provides instant

 added appeal. And, if possible, make the room accessible only to residents for that extra sense of security.

Reduce wait times and increase resident satisfaction by having the right number of washers and dryers in your laundry room. 

The demographics of your property can help determine what this number should be, and your route operator can offer professional input as well. 

Be sure to also consider which layout is going to fit your space the best so residents have easy access to the machines. 

Regularly scheduled maintenance checks help keep the machines up and running so the laundry room is always functioning at max capacity.

Add convenience to the list of your laundry room benefits with machines that have technology upgrades. 

New innovations allow residents to check available machines and monitor laundry progress without leaving the 

comfort of wherever they are, while card systems eliminate the need to carry cash. These small details can lead to 

large advantages in the long run.

Energy efficiency isn’t just about lowering utility costs. It can also be presented as a selling point to residents who appreciate businesses 

that are environmentally aware. There are other benefits to energy-efficient appliances too. These machines need less detergent, leading to 

cost savings for residents. And using less water with more spin-out means that the high-efficiency washers result in saving them both time 

and money with the drying cycle.

If executed the right way, laundry rooms can be an enjoyable place for residents to socialize, giving them a real sense of community

 and satisfaction. To promote this, make sure that there’s plenty of comfortable seating and lighting. Amenities like WiFi capabilities 

and televisions introduce an element of entertainment that complements the social atmosphere.