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Why Choose Wash And Save?

Wash & Save provides premium laundry service in partnership with Maytag USA.

Wash & Save believes in providing the highest quality laundry service available.

According to Daily mail, UK "An average mother spends five months of her life doing laundry, says a study. It takes her 26 minutes to go through arduous pre and post-wash tasks every time she turns on the machine, an average of six times a week. On top of that she can expect to spend 55 minutes a week doing the ironing. So before her child hits 18, she will have had 137 days or nearly five months of toil."

Doing laundry is considered as one of the hardest house hold chore by many. So how much time will it take to do the laundry?

This varies on the machine you have and what type of clothes you’re laundering. But, in a typical scenario, a full cycle in the washing machine is 35 minutes and it almost takes 55 minutes to completely dry. A single load from start to finish will likely to take 1.5 hours and then another 15-20 minutes to fold and put away. It can be a two-hour chore for a single load of laundry. Mind you, this doesn't take ironing into account!

Whether you just don’t have the time, ability, or desire to do your own laundry Wash & Save will make sure your laundry receives the utmost care.

Life's too short! Don't spend it doing laundry. Seriously, there are better things to do.

Wash & Save will give your clothes the personal care and attention you won’t find anywhere else.

Give us your dirty laundry, we'll launder it and pack it up for you. Could it become easier?

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Engineered to deliver dependable cleaning results with equally reliable savings.

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Hygienic and Safe that ensures no mixing of clothes or communal washing.

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Energy Saving Schemes such as eco-friendly detergent, waste separation system and energy and water efficient machines.

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We intend to offer a quick, reliable, hygienic and affordable laundry solution to various sectors and segments throughout India backed by a strong team of professionals and well trained technicians.

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